Death Investigator Magazine

Many magazines are distributed every month directed at law enforcement in general. Lacking in the industry are publications focusing on the jobs and lives of those professionals working in the death investigation field; and of those that do exist, are tied to membership in an association. This leaves out those professionals who either wish not to be a member of a particular association or do not qualify for membership.

Death investigators make up a wide range of professions; coroners, medical examiners, police, pathologist, pathology assistants, forensic nurses, private investigators, and many, many more.

We surveyed hundreds of professionals working in various disciplines of the death investigation community. We asked a simple question, “what is your biggest obstacle in obtaining quality training in death investigation?” The answers were overwhelmingly the same, “not enough training options, limited specialized training in death investigation v. general criminal investigations, cost of training is too expensive, and limited training in my region or state.”  

To answer this call for investigators we created a podcast 3 years ago called Coroner Talk™, a weekly training show dedicated to bringing quality training to investigators of all death-related disciplines. The podcast has been heard over 300,000 times in over 150 Countries around the world.  

Whereas this does fill a role, a gap still exists. The Death Investigator Magazine will help to further fill this gap by providing in-depth articles and printable material that will not only support the investigator’s job duties but will enrich their lives by dealing with such topics as work/family balance, PTSD, finance, substance abuse, and much more.  

A magazine focused on the death investigation community. Dedicated to improving skills and enriching lives of the investigators and their families.  

This online publication will offer, embedded videos, live links to further resources, and collaboration links to support training; all a click away right from the page or article.  


Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges of this project are limited. To ensure this publication goes forward and remains an active publication, we have assembled a team to work on and produce the publication. An experienced senior editor has joined the team as well as professionals in the industry from around the world who have agreed to be regular contributors to the magazine.

Once the necessary funding is reached to launch the project, advertisers will maintain the finances needed to continue. Since this is an online publication, ongoing production costs are limited compared to traditional print publications.